After his apprenticeship as interior designer focusing on furniture restauration with an emphasis on upholstery-work, Berlin-born Ingo Wuntke studied at the forestry department of FH Eberswalde. In 1995 he returned to his professional roots, founding Stilgut, an atelier for interior design and furniture design. His work as interior designer and designer is based on a philosophy of ressource friendly balanced living-space designs. He is based in Kunsthaus Meinblau e. V. (at Pfefferberg in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg )  - a community of contemporary artists, which he joined in 1997.

Latest exhibitions

"Kreuzfahrt Gado Gado" ▪ Berlin ▪ With A. Petkow & Y. Noor

"Petits Fours" ▪ Berlin ▪ With A. Petkow und M. Tacler

DMY Youngsters Arena ▪ Berlin

Le Corbusier Haus ▪ Berlin

"Tatorte - Design braucht Täter" ▪ Passagen Cologne

"Unikate" ▪ Berlin ▪ With Anna Jakupovic

Le Corbusier Haus ▪ Berlin

"Designer's Open" ▪ Leipzig